Friday, December 14, 2007


Okay, this is going to be a considerably useless post than the previous ramblings. Whatever.

So here I was, an over-worked creature, cuddled up in front of my laptop which has the not-so-enviable task of seeing my mug for a large part of the day. In bits and pieces, through an ingenious invention called GTalk, and a horrendous little application called Outlook Express (yes, the same 'Please, sir... Not more than 2 MB, or I'll die!' ), along with a propensity on my part to try and engage myself in a lot of activities at one go, came the realisation that my memory was as dependable as a George Bushian promise to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

Anyway, with the failing of my cranium to regurgitate chronological happenings with the efficiency with which they were encrypted in the first place, came a realisation. A dawning, if you will. And the answer, came in those cute li'l yellow adhesive notes... Post-Its. So then I cleaned up side of the cupboard overlooking my table and whenever an event, deadline or anything of the sort was supposed to be committed to memory, I religiously noted it down on them little jaundiced squares. And stuck 'em to the cupboard wall. Now things went on just about well. I had presentations, to-calls, mails to be send, proposals to be made et al nicely noted out. I felt this strange sense of pride, these post-its were my way of feeling organized. Surreal.

And then, lo and behold. Along came electronic post-its, which you could put up on your desktop. Initially, I was thrilled. I could edit them in whatever way I wanted, copy-paste, and save on the physical ones. It seemed to good to be true. It was. I ended up fiddling with the goddamn things so much that I never got any of the work done. I had ambitious plans of using the calendar function to alarm me on birthdays. Failed miserably, I only remember birthdays when a cousin or a frnd calls me and says "Have you wished him/her" and my usual reply is "Yaar, I was just about to do that", sadly many a times this call comes too late.

I even realised I could change the colour! Blue post-its! No, really! And hell, I had all the reminders I needed without having to lug my cupboard along! Woohoo!The more I used them, the more I realised they were a pain, rather than a convenience.

I needed the physicality of the manual post-its. The scribbling over things I did was far more orgasmic, than a simple "DELETE" that gave me no hormonal pleasure whatsoever :The handwriting in various fonts that no Font Creator can replicate. And moreoever, the electronic things cluttered my clean desktop!

So the decision was quite easy to take. Uninstall, go back to manual.

And things have been great, since. Sometimes, some things are best left traditional.

'Make Blog entry' ... Scribble over! :D

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