Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If the losses don't get you...

If you've been on a turbulent flight, you know how I feel.

I've been dribbling (think leaky faucet, not Beckham), its hard dribbling a house-shift (its harder if you are doing it for the first time-like I am), a volatile stock market and a break-up to top that all.

I can live with the first two things, but a break-up, two months ago - it was something that happens to others. But then things started getting bad and both of us had too much ego to correct the course. Both were too busy when the other wanted to meet. One thing led to another, small issues suddenly became big. And you know when you are down with something as bad as this - everything else seems bad.

Leaving a house, where I had literally spent all my life, 10 yrs to be precise. I still remember the day I moved in, the first cricket match I played in the park in front. I can still remember how it smelled and no it dosent always smell the same. A month ago, I wasn't ready to spent a single more day here. But today I wish if I could stay for some more time, if I could live those days again. I have both good and bad memories of this house, but as we move out, i can be proud that good memories far out-number the bad ones.

Same is with breaking-up, you spend hours thinking of those days, the first time we met, the first time we met alone, those memories make me laugh and cry at the same time. The hours we spent on phone, and the minutes we spent without speaking, just absorbing the moment. If I had put the phone down at that time even my Dad wud have enjoyed a couple of moments without fretting over the phone bills.

Neways, thats history now, it was as amicable as it gets, I had seen it comming two months ago, but had every hope that 'this too shall pass', like everything else had in these two years. But then all these are memories now.

Today, as I write, the market's up. If my (notional) losses don't get me, the volatility will. Nevertheless, we intend to stay the course and dribble away.

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Abhishek Sharma said...

Come on mate ...... get a PS2 and u ll get over it believe me .... there is nothing in this world better than a PS2 .... not even these girlz