Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Materialistic Me.

There are people who say that being materialistic wouldnt lead to salvation...... Ediots ..... they havent played Dearth Vaider on PS3 ..... thats as close to salvation as it gets

All this far I have refrained myself frm ... writing on devices..... I am emotions personified (girls u listenin) .... but recently there have been a couple of products that would manage to get even the most serious sage out of his ... dhyan .... or watever else it is called ..... for example the choice of gaming console ... XBOX, WII and mah favourite PS3 ... its the best gaming console mankind has ever seen .... the gaming consols have been around for almost two decades, but never was there such a fanfare and enthusiasm for the release of something that makes you play boxing with just moving your fingers.

PS3 ... has got 120 gigs of memory ... thats more than enuf to save all u ever liked.... best gameplaying graphics .... of course we in India wouldnt knw the first thing about high defination graphics... we are so used to getting distorted pictures from out local cablewala that we buy LCD's just by lookin how good they look and not their picture quality. Yes. On a standard TV you wont be able to tell the difference between the graphics you see on your comp. and those of PS3.

Rob a bank! buy a HDMI Plasma ... hook it on to your PS3 and enjoy the rest of your life. That is ... rest of your life before you land in jail.

Then there are the mobile phones of the century. I ll tell you a story. There is a company from Finland called Nokia... it gave us phones that neither had wires nor needed a briefcase to carry them .... they were called mobile phones. Then one day it got tired of making mobile phones and made N 95. Yes thats the dream phone... Saying that a man dosent dream of N95 is like saying he dosent dream of being alone on a deserted island with Yana gupta .

The day I saw the ad ... i fell in love with this thing ... the ad says it all .... and its so awesome ....
and not like the lousy hritik's Sony Erricson dump ... oh sorry thats called Thump....

The phone has everything u ll ever require in your life and beyond... its got a 3.2 inch LCD screen ... 5MP Carl Zeiss lens..... yes you heard it right .... 5MP .... auto focus .... it has GPS and its 3.5G ... nevermind the fact that we in India have still not adapted 3G

Where was I? Much about this phone feels almost illegally satisfying. The satnav looks fantastic, swooping in, Google Earth-style, from planet to park bench, as long as you have an active internet connection.

its got all the connectivity options ... infrared, bluethooth is passe .... its got Network GSM/3G/HSDPA, UPnP Wi-Fi .... I dont know what most of them mean but dont you like the sound of it.

It has a two way slider... a turn into a music phone by just a slide.... Though on a downside ... it has no touch screen and hence no stylus... though you would need that only if you get over looking that phone.

N95 costs above 30,000 bucks and deserves every penny spent.... most importantly this thing feels right ... it feels heavenly to have the damn thing in your pocket.... but then thirty thousand

The other phone is LG Prada ... one look and you know why vivek, salman, abhishek and a billion others were fighting ..... its called BEAUTY man....I'm sure the designers got into a pact with The Devil to make something as good looking as this...

Beating the iPhone by over three months, this is the world’s first completely touchscreen mobile. Er, except it’s not. There are actually eight buttons around the three-inch screen, including power, call-answer, and a keypad lock. Having to use them is a bit like being shown a really cool motorbike, then being told you’re in the sidecar.

I dont know whats inside the phone ... nor what it does.... but thats the thing about beauty ... You wanna know whats inside but you cant (No pun intended) .... LG prada will release in India in about a month's time and is expected to be around Rs 40,000 ... but then dreams are free.

The third product is a mean machine its called Mahindra Classic ...

It a 4X4 ... and an open jeep ... no better than the ones available .... but it looks far better than all other things put aside (though not as good as Yana Gupta) .... To me its Attitude personified... Man just dreaming of how wud I look on the damn thing with mah new Aviator serious glasses (PS: i havent bought the glasses yet)

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