Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coasting along ...

Quite some time since I posted, so what have I been up to –

1) Serving out my notice period.

2) Handing over stuff that I was doing at workplace and KT (knowledge transfer – One thing I still cannot get myself to believe is that I actually have knowledge to transfer. But then, if people want to labor under that illusion, don’t blame me)

3) Orkutting.

4) Reading up some stuff – trying to get back into the student mode. Working (in my case at least) has reduced my ability to sit in a place and read any printed material. At best I just skim through it and move on to something else. I have been spending the last few weeks trying to get back my studying habits.

5) Getting in touch with friends and renewing acquaintances. It struck me, a few days back that I was losing contact with my friends and I started a conscious effort to keep in touch with them. Happy to note that they do remember me :)

6) Started getting together stuff that would be required for my stay in Mumbai.

7) Calling up future workmates and cribbing about life in general and Mumbai in particular.

8) Finally coming to Mumbai and settling down (Will elaborate it later - its 3am and the alarm is set to 7am)

Pretty dull post, eh? But that’s the way life has been for the past few weeks.

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