Friday, September 28, 2007


So, I met her again.

All this while, I kept thinking of words to say to her, I kept thinking of finally saying it. But thats it. As soon as I see her these words just hide in my mind, I talk bout the world, bout everything there is to talk, except, what I wanted to talk. And all talks seem so small. They end as soon as they begin.

You don't know, if you should say it, if you should ever say it, if she feels the same way you do, and if you say it - would it be all over.

And the only way to find out is to say it. But you can't say it.

I am going back to Mumbai tomorrow, without saying it. Don't know when will I see her next, Don't know, if I would ever see her next. Seems like God's playing games with me...... for the nth time now.

My heart says the fire burns on the other side as well, but the mind says otherwise. I know I ll have to say it once, the sooner the better.

Next time for sure............

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